Saturday, May 28, 2011

Morels in May

Here in Michigan, May is a particularly busy month as we embark on the Great Morel Hunt. We take our mushroom hunting seriously and know how to celebrate this glorious rite of spring: there are morel mushroom festivals, hunts, walks, and culinary experiences galore. 

But I wasn’t mushroom hunting this day. I was actually on a mission in Nunica Cemetery to find something unusual to photograph when I found this four-foot-high specimen lurking. I love the whimsy of someone buying and dragging a stone mushroom into the woods on the edge of the cemetery. It makes me feel connected to something significant I can’t name. Was it placed in proximity to a ‘shroom-hunter's final resting place? There are so many treasures to discover in cemeteries, and this May it was morels. Mission accomplished. 

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